Welcome! Zoo siab txais tos!
Mr. Paul Phang, Family & Community Coordinator

I'm a Family and Community Coordinator.  My responsibilities are as follows:  Provide information on school programs, events, resources and opportunities for families; organize and co-facilitate monthly PTO, Site Council, and Family Engagement meetings; facilitate ongoing school-wide communication with families in the forms of newsletters, school event flyers, Robo Call, and in person; attend monthly meetings with Hmong Parent Advisory Council (HPAC) at District Level and communicate key information to the families in the monthly newsletter; Family Engagement activities and reporting to title-1; Newsletter and HIA website.

Most importantly, engage with families and community at large and get families to be involved with school activities and events.  Any questions or concerns, please call my direct line at 612-668-2257.  Office Hours:  9:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday.