Ideas to Learn to Match Pitch

These are some ideas to find the head voice (upper voice register)  For men, some call it falsetto.

Do baby animal sounds: kitten (mew mew), puppy whine (uh,uh,uh), baby rooster (cock-a-doodle-doo), donkey: the haw will be in the chest voice or register (hee-haw),  baby owl (whoo, whoo) , baby bird (tweet, tweet), piglet (wee-wee)

If you think of more baby animal sounds, let me know :)

Other ideas to work on matching pitch:

Talk like Mickey Mouse in the head voice

Imitate a siren

Follow a rollercoaster with your voice

Have child echo your very dynamic speaking voice.  Use nonsense sounds and words: "Yee-Hah", "What a wonderful day!" and many others.

Many adults only sing in the chest register because that is what is comfortable for them.  Remember the child's voice is not at the same development as an adult's.  When teaching with them, please sing in their range.  Or, sing low enough that they need to sing an octave higher.

Of course, SING, SING, SING!