Zoo siab tos txais nej txhua leej txhua tus/Welcome to Hmong International Academy

Statement on May 16 Incident at Hmong International Academy

Today at Hmong International Academy a pepper-spray-type substance was sprayed into the air in a classroom. Emergency personnel were called to respond to the issue, and students received appropriate medical care. We appreciate people’s concern and ask that everyone respect our students’ privacy. We are grateful to staff for their quick response, and to Minneapolis emergency personnel for their care and attention in supporting HIA.


Maintaining a safe and secure environment at our schools is a top priority, and weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on school property. We are working with the Minneapolis Police Department in investigating this incident.


 HIA Vision Statement:

 Hmong International Academy will prepare culturally competent students for success in a 21st century environment. 

HIA Lub Zeem Muag:

Tsev kawm ntawv Hmong International Academy yuav npaj cov tub ntxhais kawm ntawv uas paub txog kab ke haiv neeg kom lawv thiaj kawm tiav tau zoo raws li lub sij hawm uas nyob rau tiam 21 no. 

HIA Mission Statement:

 Hmong International Academy (HIA) will promote academic growth and achievement by engaging learners in a relevant and rigorous curriculum. 

 HIA will preserve and share the Hmong culture, while honoring all cultures, and prepare ambassadors for the future. 

HIA Lub Luag Hauj Lwm:

Tsev kawm ntawv Hmong International Academy (HIA) yuav txhawb kev kawm ntaub kawm ntawv kom tau zoo thiab kom tiav lug raws li npaj tseg uas kom cov tub ntxhais kawm ntawv muaj cov ntaub ntawv kom muaj feem sib txuam tseem ceeb rau cov tub ntxhais thiab muaj cov ntaub ntawv kom nyuaj rau lawv kawm.

Tsev kawm ntawv HIA yuav khaws cia thiab qhia txog Hmoob tej kab ke, tabsis yuav hwm txhua haiv neeg li kab ke, thiab yuav npaj cov tub ntxhais kawm ntawv kom lawv los sawv cev ua tus coj rau lub neej lawm yav pem suab.


Peb Hmoob lub tsev kawm ntawv (HIA) yog thawj thawj lub tsev kawm ntawv dawb uas qhia kab lij kev cai Hmoob nyob hauv teb chaws Asmelikas. Lub tsev kawm ntawv no qhia cov menyuam muaj li 4 xyoos tawm mus txog rau cov kawm qib 8. Lub tsev kawm ntawv no nyob lawm sab qaum zos ntawm lub nroog Minneapolis.

Hmong International Academy (HIA) is a Hmong culturally specific school Pre K-Grade 8. Students have daily opportunities to engage in activities that enhance their understanding of the Hmong culture and language. HIA is in the North Side of Minneapolis. At HIA, we have a 50% One-Way Dual Language Program that offers Grade Kindergarten:  120 minutes of Hmong literacy per day.  



PDF Hmong International Academy 2017-18 School Improvement Plan   --  Hmong International Academy's Family version of the School Improvement Plan for 2017-2018
Student Behavior Video from Mpls Public School

Please click onto this link to view a 4 minute video on Student Behavior:

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